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Modern Cancer Teatment Damaged Face, Brain and More But Cured by Karauli Shanakar Mahadev

Cancer treatment in Karauli Shanakar dham kanpur

Modern cancer treatment has made my life difficult. My face, with my left eye, has been damaged. I always feel lots of pain in my whole body. These statements have been told by an old women before cameras and media personnel from ANI.

Cancer Patient disclosed modern treatment and her problems

A boy came to Karauli Dham, Kanpur, for the treatment of his mother. He said, ‘My mother is suffering from many dangerous disease like cancer and others.

I visited four reputed cancer institutes in india for my mother’s treatment. They treated and operated on her, but their treatment worsened my mother’s health more, especially effecting her face, eye and brain. We saw no improvement. My mother constantly experiences a lot of pain throughout her body . She cries often and struggles to sleep.

These statements were also provided in details by his mother, the patient, in front of the camera and new media from ANI.

Painful Cancer treated by Karauli Shanakar Mahadev

Gurudev instructed her to lie flat her and close her eyes. Then, Darbar, the Dham treated her diseased body according to Sanatan Vaidik Process where God Shiva handle all situations and operations with his team.

After 5-10 minutes, She stood up and started moving like a healthy person. Now, She began speaking more loudly. This indicates improvement, and she felt relaxation. Her whole body pain disappeared. However, she complained about her head and eyes. Guruji told her to say “Om Namah Shivay” three times. She followed this, and then felt her head and eye problems also vanish.

Now, She thanked Gurudev, expressing her desire to meet him and touch his feet, However, Gurudev explained that there is a rule of this Dham, No one can touch him. But he assured her, saying ‘don’t worry’, Baba Gurudev, Gurumata Maa Kamkhyaa and I are always with you.

Original Reference: Karauli Shanakar Dham YouTube Channel, You can also visit it.

Cancer treatment by Karauli Shankar Mahadev Kanpur, uttarpradesh, India

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